Great results from April’s classification!

Had an amazing couple of days this week with a visit from Oggy Smith, HUK classifier who classified our Holsteins and Swedish Reds. We managed to achieve with the black and whites 30 new Excellents and 26 multiple Excellents. Leading these scores were F109 Sandisfarne Flame Blackberry EX94(3) PLI 179 who we regard as our best all round cow! Blackberry was scored 97 points for both dairy strength and body, with 94 points scored for udder as a 6th calver. She is a regular breeder, calving last September and is due this September with a McCormick calf. She is out of 3 generations of LP100 tonne Excellent cows by our own stock bull Sandisfarne Patriot. Her dam also was classified straight after, Sandisfarne Addison Blackberry 2 LP120, PLI 160 who attained EX92(3)  Her twin daughters, Lily and Lilli Blackberry (PLI 246) by Oman had previously scored 85 points earlier that day..

The classifier was amazed when A21 Sandisfarne Arrogant Hope LP130 by Eblack appeared from in amongst the group, 15 years old who scored 97 for dairy strength, overall EX 93 points, scoring Excellent for the 7th time.

Other notable Excellents were 3rd calver, K67, stylish Sandisfarne Katya Biddy, by Shottle, making 91 points, daughters of Poos Stadel Classic, 3rd calvers J144 Sandisfarne Jonquil Jewel Red, who scored 95 points for dairy strength, classified 91 points overall and J159 Sandisfarne Juana Faith Red with her 93 pointed body, also came in at 91 points. Two full sisters  by Shottle, 4th calver I134 Sandisfarne Inspired Melody made EX92(2) after recently having twins and 3rd calver K3 Sandisfarne Kamilia Melody scored EX 91. These two are part of 4 full Shottle sisters from Sandisfarne Britt Melody EX 93(4) LP110.

We had 58 VG’s from sires such as Leif, Laudan, Oman, Askew Reece, Zest, please check our online brochure for more details!

The red ‘Sandersfarms’ portion of the herd fared well with the B Jurists and Orraryd doing particularly well. Second calver L128 Sandersfarms Briannah Frances, PL1 124 made VG 88, red L168 Sandersfarms Bright Frances PLI 175 also made VG 85. This 31 cow red section of the herd are now listed 2nd in Dairy Co’s national Ayrshire genetic list!

We are looking forward to developing our particular style of cow with high health traits further, using  A.I. sires such as McCormick, Leif, HSS Oman Megabuck, using Deangate Quentin to bring extreme cows into line!!

The red and white Holsteins are being served with Swedish Red sires ALinne, Gunnerstorp and Ullimulli. The Swedish Red crosses are being served with Montbelliard sires Urbaniste, Redon, Urocher and Unchoix, to produce the procross red and white cow.


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