100 Tonne Cow Familes

3 Generations of 100 tonne plus tonne cows
milking together!

Here are the cow families that have produced 3 generations of 100 tonne cows milking in the herd at the same time!!:

Arabis family

  • T57 – Sandisfarne Terracotta Arabis LP140 EX94(9E) 11th Calver
    Sire – Boileau Buck
  • A55 – Sandisfarne Ambrosia Arabis LP100 EX92(4E) 9th Calver
    Sire – Celsius, Daughter of T57, still milking
  • C71 – Sandisfarne Cherry Arabis LP100 EX90(3E)7th Calver
    Sire – Lord Lily, Daughter of A55, Grand daughter of T57

Ruby family

  • P39 – Sandisfarne Poppy Ruby LP130 EX91(6) 13th Calver
    Sire – F16, Dam of Titian Ruby, G/Dam of Wizard Ruby
  • Sandisfarne Titian Ruby LP100 VG85 8th Calver –
    Sire – Tesk, P39’s daughter
  • Sandisfarne Wizard Ruby LP110 VG88 7th Calver –
    Sire – Celsius, P39’s Grandaughter, 3 generations, all were milking at the same time!

Faith family

  • Sandisfarne Magnetic Faith LP120 EX90 9th Calver –
    Sire – F16, Dam of Sweet Faith below and G/Dam of Varsity Faith following!
  • Sandisfarne Sweet Faith LP110 VG88 9th Calver –
    Sire – Sandisfarne Sunbeam (Sunnyboy X)
  • Sandisfarne Varsity Faith LP110 VG85 7th Calver –
    Sire – Tesk, 3 generations, all were milking at the same time! Photo

Ruby family

  • Sandisfarne New Ruby LP100 GP83 10th Calver –
    Sire – F16, Dam of Sparkling Ruby, G/Dam of Vintage Ruby
  • Sandisfarne Sparkling Ruby LP110 VG88 10th Calver –
    Sire – Sunnyboy
  • Sandisfarne Vintage Ruby LP100 GP82 8th Calver –
    Sire – United Nick, 3 generations, all were milking at the same time!

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