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  1. Love the wedsite ! I agree with your ideas on breeding policy and strive for that kind of long lifespan cows in our own heard we already have breed a few 100 T cows and would like to try build on that. Would be interested in finding out a bit more about your bull selection criteria and also your views on crossing with sw red I have also used a few straws but only have a few maidens in calf at the min but they are looking good !! Also would have an interest on buying into some of your long life lines.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi, nice to get somebody interested! We did a blog yesterday regarding classification we had this week where we mention service bulls we are using with both B and W and the Reds. Andrew my husband is really interested in breeding a cow that lasts. He looks at PLI, then functional type e.g. legs, udders, health traits, reliability, doesn’t like high pins. He is trying to find bulls with angularity on the wrong side, so that they can carry a bit of flesh, especially with ours having to brave wet and windy conditions, also having to walk a long way to grass! … Oman has done a great job with us, we had plenty of VG’s and Ex from him last week, though we had quite good udders in the first place. We are using sons of Oman heavily too, now going on top NZ HSS Megabuck from Avoncroft, then we have a group of frailer high milking cows that we are going to put genus’s Deangate Quentin on, just to reign them in! We came from the Friesian side, the first few Holstein crosses created the longer lived cows, now Andrew is eager to cross them within the breed from around the world to keep the hybrid vigor!

    Our youngest son has been championing the Swedish reds, they have done very well on the fertility stakes, easy care and as a family we are warming to them, We even had 5 VGs at their first classification of the few we have milking. We are putting high type Montbelliard on them, which I have been assured will milk, I think that red Holstein will be going back in to keep the milk in.. just trying to produce a well fleshed cow that milks and is easy care! The Swedish reds have been proving their livability, we have a small heifer that has fallen off the rotary twice, has scrabbled back on, stood up and carried on! We had a Right DA on one after twins, she recovered, back in calf. I can’t remember one having mastitis….. Usually they take to first service, have hard good shaped black feet, a bit small perhaps, smaller than modern Ayrshire, but manage the cubicles well, lactation average lower, but make up with their calving regularly, blend in well within the herd, though you don’t stand in the way when one is striding off into the distance!

    Please contact us, details on the contact page, if you are interested in buying animals.. we usually sell privately with the difficulty of getting heifers to market from the island.! We can quote a delivered price to your door!

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