Election Day!

As most of the UK sits basking in sunshine and enjoying the heat in this unseasonable heatwave, we after one day of sun yesterday, which admittedly reached the heady heights of 20C (beaten only by one day in the summer which reached 21C) have woken up to swirling mists and a hint of drizzle. Manannan has surely put his cloak on! The thermometer outside is reading 15C.

With over 100 acres of silage down, the internet forecast has swiftly changed from not a raindrop in sight for at least a week, to the opposite, with rain starting tomorrow afternoon, for the next week…. It is so hard to gauge our weather, we have to look at Cumbria, North Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland……

Today is Polling Day here on the island. We have been bombarded with visits from our prospective candidates for the House of Keys for the last few weeks with even 16 year olds being able to vote here. We have already been down to the Polling Station and done the deed, with a long detour around narrow lanes as we have a burst water main down in the village.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings a better day!



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